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(Video) Watch As Stella The Adorable Chihuahua Puppy Adorably Play Peekaboo With His Baby Sister!

This adorable Chihuahua puppy named Stella and her baby human sister plays the best peekaboo game ever! Stella the adorable Chihuahua puppy just wanted to have some of her baby sister’s yummy baby food. And so she made a game plan and hoped to get her baby sister to give him even just a little of that yummy baby food! The baby girl couldn’t stop laughing as Stella continued to play peekaboo with her! Her reaction is completely priceless and oh-so cute! Check out the video below!

Puppies makes everything better, agree? Oh seriously, is there anything in the world that wouldn’t want to have a loving tiny pup? What exactly makes them so lovable?

Oh well, they’re so adorable, cuddly, fluffy, stress relievers and they’re also totally silly! Lol! 😀 Like Stella the adorable Chihuahua pup who will definitely do everything and anything just to get what she desires.

Growing up, we bet that almost every single one of us played peekaboo with our parents or anyone else who wanted to play with us.

That concept of hiding your face behind while making funny faces, and making your playmate laugh out loud, ahhh this game definitely makes you loses a little bit of your charm, but it’s just magical! And it’s even more magical when it’s being done on the most adorable Chihuahua puppy, she may not understand the game fully, but she still looks great doing it which makes her little sister laugh out laud! 😀

Maybe you think you’re too old to enjoy this game. But we’re pretty sure you’ll be begging to play after you watch this adorable pup play with her baby sister! It’s short and sweet but is sure to put a smile on your face!

Check out this awesome video and see as Stella the adorable Chihuahua puppy adorably play peekaboo with his baby sister!admin-ajax

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Watch the video and see as Stella the adorable Chihuahua puppy adorably play peekaboo with his baby sister!

All pictures courtesy of Screen captures from the video!

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