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(Video) Watch As Wendy The Adorable Talking Maltese Puppy Wows The Crowd And The Judges With Her Incredible Talent!

When Wendy the adorable Maltese puppy and her owner joined and auditioned in Britain’s Got Talent year 2015, during their performance the crowd was slightly annoyed when everything doesn’t seem to go to what was planned during the first 5 seconds of the auditioned but moments later the crowd and the judges jaws hit the floor! WOW! You surely don’t want to miss this! Check out the video below!

The judges and audience didn’t quite know what to expect when Marc Métral took the stage and explained that his act would involve his dog ‘Miss Wendy’.

He then started his act, and then judges were surprised when he prompted the dog to talk. At first Miss Wendy didn’t respond and both the audience and judges began to think that it had all gone wrong.

Marc then ask Miss Wendy to say something and suddenly she responds with “No” leaving everyone in total shock!

From then one the adorable Maltese pup goes on to say various other phrases before singing a song! We are still unsure how this is possible, and you really need to see this to believe it!

Check out this awesome video and see as Wendy the adorable talking Maltese puppy WOWs the crowd and the judges with her incredible talent!


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Watch the video and see as Wendy the adorable talking Maltese puppy WOWs the crowd and the judges with her incredible talent!

All pictures courtesy of Screen captures from the Youtube Video

Thank you, Britain’s Got Talent for sharing this awesome video!

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