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Staffordshire Bull Terrier Archive

(Video) Watch This Charming Dog Smile Every Time He Hears “Say Cheese”! This Will Surely Make Your Day!

These adorable dog smiles for the camera whenever he hear someone saying “say cheese”. This is indeed a hilarious moment of a five month old puppy smiling  just like a human. Watch the video below and see how charming this dog is! This 5 month old rescued dog named Herbert, who’s just begun learning to be social, and
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(Video) Meet “Darren” and ‘Phillip” The Super Cute Superstar Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppies Winning Everyone’s Hearts All Over The World!

Who would have thought that Staffordshire Bull Terriers could be this cute! These adorable puppies will surely win your heart! Darren and Phillip are making waves online with adorable and very charming photos of the two goofing around social medias. These “Blueboys” aren’t really brothers, yet with their bond they could be the
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