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(Video) Watch As This Adorable Dog Resists Sweet’s Sweet Temptation When Left All Alone With Yummy Biscuits!

When dog’s sees a yummy biscuits in front of them their reactions is usually like this “?” and then will eventually grab the chance to have a bite! But suddenly this dog came along and proved us all wrong. And how is that? Oh well, this pooch just resists the delicious sweet biscuits in front of him! Without even thinking twice! You surely dont want to miss this! Check out the video below!

Many dog lovers trained their dogs to be patient by presenting them with a treat and asking them to wait till we say that it is now okay to eat the yummy treat.

But the question is, would your dog still be able to control himself and resist eating the treat even if they are left alone? We are quite sure some would get the opportunity right away the moment they are left alone.

But the adorable dog in the video below is so patient that when his owner left him with  two cookies sitting on the table and  asked him to wait, he was still able to control himself and resist the temptation from eating the delicious cookies!

What a patient adorable dog! He surely do deserve a yummy reward for being so patient! 🙂

Check out this awesome video and see as this adorable dog resists sweet’s sweet temptation when left all alone with yummy biscuits!admin-ajax

Watch the video and see as this adorable dog resists sweet’s sweet temptation when left all alone with yummy biscuits!

All pictures courtesy of Screen captures from the Youtube Video

Thank you, Jonna Jinton for sharing this awesome video!

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