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(Video) This Woman Asked Her Puppies “Who Pooped In The Kitchen?” Their Response And The Look On These Two Dogs Is Hilarious!

When she asked her dogs who pooped in the kitchen, this two adorable and very charming puppies both look at her nervously until Judy pointed Sunny! Who do you think is the real guilty? Judy or Sunny? Let’s find out together as the owner asked the two primary suspects. Watch and see what the response was. It’s beyond hilarious! 

Dogs can sometimes act very similar to human. Especially at times when they get into trouble.

These two adorable dogs looks like buddies. Judy is a Terrier and Sunny is a Chi-Chi. One of them just pooped in the kitchen, but who is the guilty one?

In this video, their owner asked them who pooped in the kitchen. Dogs are not good at lying, so how their respond is absolutely hilarious and the look on Sunny’s face at the very end is simply priceless.

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Check out this awesome video and Watch how this woman asks her puppies “Who Pooped In The Kitchen?” their response and the look on these two dogs is hilarious!admin-ajax

kitchen-poop-terrier-chihuahua 1

kitchen-poop-terrier-chihuahua 2

kitchen-poop-terrier-chihuahua 3
Now who do you think is the real guilty? 

All pictures courtesy of Screen captures from the Youtube Video

Thank you, Judy the Terrier for sharing this awesome video!