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(Video) Watch As Stanley The Adorable Airedale Terrier Adorably Talks To His Mom Over The Phone!

This adorable Airedale terrier named Stanley misses his Mom so bad, and so his Dad decided to call Mom for Stanley and as soon as he heard his Mom’s voice he started talking to her as if he can really understand what his Mom was saying! It really seems like he is telling her how much he misses her. AWW! What a cutie! Check out the video below and watch as Stanley the adorable Airedale Terrier adorably talks to his Mom over the Phone!

We all know the feeling of missing someone we love so much. That feeling of really wanting to see and hear the voice of that someone is really frustrating, right? And so maybe that’s what Stanley the adorable Airedale Terrier feels towards missing his Mom so much.

This cutie pie’s Dad saw how much Stanley misses his Mom and so to get him out of his misery his Dad has thought of giving his wife a call on behalf of Stanley.

As you watch the video below you can really see how much Stanley is really missing his mother. While it’s not the same as seeing her face to face, the happiness that Stanley shows during their conversation is indeed priceless!

This pup really do loves talking. In-fact he does most of the talking. He’s quite vocal about his love for his mom. Such a cutie!

Check out this awesome video and see as Stanley the adorable Airedale Terrier adorably talks to his Mom over the Phone!

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All pictures courtesy of Screen captures from the Youtube Video

Thank you, mrlargemouth for sharing this awesome video!

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