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(Video) Watch As This Smart Havanese Shows How Much She Loves Performing Her 45 Cute Tricks!

Meet Jasmine, the cutie little smart Havanese puppy that is so in-love of doing her 45 cute tricks! Jasmine is so talented that she has quite became a celebrity. Are you now curious about her? Oh well, check out the video below now and see Jasmine’s 45 cute dog tricks all in one video!

Jasmine a 6 year old Havanese puppy loves to do tricks! And according to her owner she’s been trained entirely with positive reinforcement and is also considered as a therapy dog.

Jasmine’s awesome tricks have been shown in the USA and all over the world. This cutie pie has performed tricks live on air and in national television on the show’s like “Good Morning America, 2 seasons of Animal Planet’s “Who Let The Dog Out”” and Anderson Cooper, .

She is also a part of an awesome group of dogs with amazing talent on YouTube. She also has a large followers from all over the world and currently knows over 100 awesome dog tricks. And wait there’s more! This cutie pie is so in-love with doing and learning different kinds of tricks that she can’t help herself but to wanting to constantly learn more!

This cutie pie is so smart you will surely can’t help yourself but to fall in-love with her too! If you want to know more about Jasmine visit her official website here – “My Favorite Pup Jasmine“. AWW! Such a cutie!

Check out this awesome video and see Jasmine’s 45 cute dog tricks all in one video!

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Watch the video and see more of Jasmine’s 45 cute dog tricks!

All pictures courtesy of Screen captures from the Youtube Video

Thank you, MyFavoritePupJasmine for sharing this awesome video!