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(Video) Watch As Patches The Funny Talking Australian Shepherd Pup Says “Mama” Before His Baby Brother Can

All parents knows how exciting it is to hear their baby’s first words. Will it be “mama?” or “papa?”, but sometimes it can take a little longer for them to finally say something, and so some parents are trying so hard to persuade their babies to talk. Like the mom of this cutie little baby boy who was cheering her son onto trying to get him to say “mama” by giving him a food motivation, but sadly this cutie pie wasn’t quite getting it. And so Patches the funny talking Australian Shepherd took his chances and figured that if all their mom wanted was someone who could say “mama,” he could totally do that. So, he did! Check out the video below! This pup is so funny!

Parents knows exactly how exciting and happy it is to see their little ones learning how to crawl, to walk and talk. And the video below that you’re about to see is a perfect example — and it’s hilarious!

As you watch the video, you’ll see the little baby boy’s mom trying her very best to encourage him to say “Mama,” while alluring him with a yummy food, Patches the funny talking Australian Shepherd decided to take his chances and be the first one to say “Mama”.

AWWW! What a funny pup! He might have thought that if he says “Mama” first he gets to enjoy the delicious food instead. LOL!

And one of the funny part is when the little boy tries to swat Patches away. And their Mom’s reaction is just the best! She just can’t stop laughing, and we are quite sure that you too can’t stop laughing  when you watch this!

Check out this awesome video and see as Patches the funny talking Australian Shepherd pup says “Mama” before his baby brother can!admin-ajax

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Watch the video and see as Patches the funny talking Australian Shepherd pup says “Mama” before his baby brother can!

All pictures courtesy of Screen captures from the Youtube Video

Thank you, America’s Funniest Home Videos for sharing this awesome video!