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(Video) Watch As This Funny Siberian Husky Hilariously Talks Back To His Parents When Confronted About The Mess On The Floor!

Blu the funny talking Siberian Husky was confronted by his mom about the mess he did on their floor, but just as when his mom tries to open her mouth and talk, this funny naughty dog hilariously throws the biggest and cutest tantrum ever! He even hardly lets his mom get a single word in!? This funny dog talking back to his mom after creating a mess will surely make you laugh out loud! Check out the video below!

According to the owner of this funny dog, Blu is a sweet boy that only acts up when no one is present.

In the video below, he was told to go to bed and be a good boy while his mom and dad went out on a date. But unfortunately, Blu wasn’t yet ready for bed and so he decided to do something really messy to pass the time and fall asleep.

When his parents came home from their date, and found out their precious pooch did a big mess, his mom confronted him and Blu did his best to explain what happened, he is even actually talking back to his mom in typical husky way with a little extra “cute tantrum” on the side, which makes it looks like he really do understand everything! 😀

Check out this awesome video and see as this funny Siberian Husky hilariously talks back to his parents when confronted about the mess on the floor!admin-ajax

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Watch the video and see as this funny Siberian Husky hilariously talks back to his parents when confronted about the mess on the floor!

All pictures courtesy of Screen captures from the Youtube Video

Thank you, ViralHog for sharing this awesome video!