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(Video) Watch As This Adorable And Oh So Jolly Pit Bull Shows How Much He Loves His Family By Giving Them His Priceless Biggest Smile!

Meet Meatball, or “Meaty” – the smiling rescued Pit Bull who simply can’t contain his joy. Since being adopted, Meaty has had nothing but fun times and is doing things he never got to do at the shelter where he came from! This pit bull is so happy that he just can’t help but to show off his biggest smile! And its the cutest most precious thing ever! This dog will surely melt your hearts! Such a sweetheart!

When homeless dogs are stuck in the shelter, we think it’s safe to say they would rather be anywhere else. The cold kennel floor is no match for a bed, a quick walk outside is not the same as hours at the park, and being played with for an hour or two is simply not the same as having a forever family to call your own.

And things get even more depressing when prospective adopters comes through the shelter. Dogs are understandably heartbroken when they are not chosen and sadly, breeds like Pit Bulls are having a harder time in terms of getting adopted. That’s why when an animal realizes they are finally on their way to a forever home, their attitude completely changes.

We’ve seen dogs that were completely depressed suddenly burst with happiness after realizing they were getting adopted. We’ve also seen dogs express immense gratitude and love with just a powerful look. And of course, we’ve seen dogs completely transform after spending time with their forever family.

Take Meaty as an example, a Pit Bull who was rescued from Fresno Bully Rescue and has not stopped smiling ever since he got adopted by his now loving family! Yes you read it right, this precious pooch now always  wears a smile, literally!

Aww! We’re so happy that these folks were able to look past all the negative stereotypes about Pit Bulls and give this darling dog the best gift he could have ever gotten.

Check out this awesome video and see as this adorable and oh so jolly Pit Bull shows how much he loves his family by giving them his priceless biggest smile!admin-ajax

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Watch the video and see as this adorable and oh so jolly Pit Bull shows how much he loves his family by giving them his priceless biggest smile!

All pictures courtesy of Screen captures from the Youtube Video

Thank you, The Dodo for sharing this awesome video!