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(Video) Watch As Daisy And Cooper Adorably Enjoy A Special Treat From Their Owner While Patiently Waiting In The Car!

Cooper the Labrador and his pal Daisy the Puggle are both adorable and an ice cream-lovers. And so when their owner decided to take them through Mcdonalds drive thru a fast food restaurant, these two without having a fuss politely shared an ice cream cone. Just for laughs, watch how these two eats their all time favorite dessert. They definitely have different styles!

The first time you watched this, you will surely feel a little sympathy for Cooper as he watched Daisy lick the ice cream first while he had to wait for his turn.

But on the other hand, this is a perfect time for the owners to test the patience of these two cutie pies and how will they control their selves in dealing with frustration. And thought we might feel sorry for Cooper watching another dog eat what he so clearly wanted. After watching the, you will surely get impressed with everyone in the car. Their owner controlled the situation so that each dog was able to enjoy a treat.

Daisy was remarkably calm considering that she must have known that she was right next to a dog who could swallow the entire cone in less than a second. While Cooper admirably waited his turn despite his eagerness to eat his favorite ice cream.

The video description posted by Coopers Dogpatch says, “Cooper and Daisy go through the drive up window at McDonalds.” The video so far has over 10,244,683 views, and it’s worth 40 seconds of your day!

Check out this awesome video and see as Daisy And Cooper adorably enjoy a special treat from their owner while patiently waiting!admin-ajax


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Watch the video and see as Daisy And Cooper adorably enjoy a special treat from their owner while patiently waiting!

All pictures courtesy of Screen captures from the Youtube Video

Thank you, Coopers Dogpatch for sharing this awesome video!

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