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(Video) Watch As This Adorable Dog Skype’s With His Friend! What Happened Here Is The Cutest Thing Ever!

If your loved one’s live far away from your home, you probably know that technology can now help bridge the distance. And it does the same for this adorable dog and his friend! Watch this adorable dog Skype with his friend to catch up, like us people use to talk with our loved one’s who are living far away! Want to see how cute they are? Watch and see for yourself!

Oh well, it seems that mankind has already taken the use of  technology into advanced levels.

And we can all now proudly say that Skype is not just for us humans anymore! Even our precious dogs can now communicate over the internet too!

In this cute video, the owner of this adorable dog holds the iPad, while the dog friend is on the other line with his owner. They both look so delighted and excited to see each other, they start howling and barking like they are really talking to each other in their own language. This moment is too wonderful for words!

Check out this awesome video and see this adorable dog’s Skype with his friend and catch up!admin-ajax

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Dog Skypes with Friend 1

Dog Skypes with Friend 2

Dog Skypes with Friend 3

Watch the video and see this adorable dog’s Skype with his friend and catch up!

All pictures courtesy of Screen captures from the Youtube Video

Thank you, Kyoot Animals for sharing this awesome video!