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(Video) This Adorable Surfing Corgi Can’t Stop Smiling When He’s Uses His Surfing Skills As Therapy After A Traumatic Dog Attack!

This adorable Corgi puppy named Jojo can’t stop smiling and its the most precious thing ever! You surely don’t want to miss this! Jojo the Corgi has become a social media sensation with his mad surfing skills, but hey he is not just catching some waves for fun. This cutie pie knows how to surf and it saved his life! Scroll down and check out this very inspiring video below!

Josephine and Ryan Hearn are Jojo the adorable Corgi’s owners who are sharing the inspiring and heartbreaking story about how Jojo became the surfing dog king.

According to his owner, in 2014 Jojo and Josephine experienced a traumatic dog attack one day on their way to the park. Two violent dogs attacked them leaving Josephine with injuries to her hand and Jojo with physical as well as mental injuries in which the Jojo’s owners spent their life savings to resolve everything.

However, as his owner were doing everything possible to help their beloved pup, they discovered how much hydrotherapy helped him.

One day, the couple decided to take him to the beach, where they momentarily sat him on a surfboard for the first time. They were shocked to learn that Jojo not only liked it, but he could balance exceptionally well on the board. Plus, the adorable corgi appeared happy while he was on the surfboard.

As a way to continue therapy, the couple began giving Jojo surf lessons and were thrilled to discover that he absolutely loved it. He was a natural at balancing and being in the water gave him a sense of calm. Soon, Josephine started to document the corgi’s lessons on Instagram.
Nothing will brighten your day more than looking at photos or watching a video of The Surfing Corgi Jojo so check them out! You can keep up with Jojo and all of his awesome surfing adventures on Facebook. You can also check him out on Instagram, @supercorgi_jojo.

Check out this awesome video and see as this adorable surfing Corgi can’t stop smiling when he’s uses his surfing skills as therapy after a traumatic dog attack!admin-ajax


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Watch the video and see as this adorable surfing Corgi can’t stop smiling when he’s uses his surfing skills as therapy after a traumatic dog attack!

All pictures courtesy of Screen captures from the Youtube Video

Thank you, The Dodo  for sharing this awesome video!

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