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(Video) This Adorable Funny Siberian Husky’s Facial Expressions Will Surely Make You Laugh Guaranteed!

From the “awww”-inducing adorable to the downright hilarious, this precious pooch is guaranteed to make you laugh! Check out the video below and see as Roxi the funny Siberian Husky show off her absolutely hysterical poker face! Too funny! ?

Go ahead, admit it: All you do during the day is browse the internet for some quality doggo content. But hey! We aren’t judging since we are in the same boat with you.

We all know the dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. Everyone and most especially the dog lovers knows that dogs are a gift to mankind from the heavens above. Whether we are coming home exhausted after a long day at work or we’re just a little tired and not feeling well, we can always count on our precious pooch to cheer us up!

We also know that dogs sometimes make the funniest expressions, and every now and then, dogs will make an expression that will make you laugh-out-loud! And Roxi the adorable Siberian Husky is a living proof of these facts!

Watch as Roxie shows off her funny poker face in this short but very worth it to watch video!

Check out this awesome video and see as this funny Siberian Husky’s facial expressions will surely make you laugh guaranteed!admin-ajax

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Watch the video and see as this funny Siberian Husky’s facial expressions will surely make you laugh guaranteed!

All pictures courtesy of Screen captures from the Youtube Video

Thank you, Rumble Viral  for sharing this awesome video!