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(Video) This Adorable Corgi Puppy Wearing A Mermaid Tail Is Indeed The Cutest!

This adorable Corgi puppy wearing a mermaid tail is indeed who making the world a better place! Scroll down and check out this cutie pie as she sports a mermaid outfit while having a relaxing day at the beach with her buddy. They looks so cute and funny!

Just when we thought we had hit the Corgi-mix jackpot when we first saw the this cutie pie. Oh well, there is nothing that could prepare us for the mind blowing cuteness of the hottest and newest dog breed: The Mer-Corgi. Yes! You’ll see one in the video below!

People has taken the Corgi breeding popularity further than we can ever imagined possible by mixing everyone’s favorite precious pooch with a mythical half-human, half-fish or the legendary mermaid.

And because sometimes, it’s necessary for each one of us to take a break every once in a while from all the worldly gloom and doom that comes to us on a daily basis. This corgi wearing a mermaid tail has seems to innately understand how badly us humans could use a mental escape at the moment.

And we guarantee you the result is something so beautiful, something so majestic, that it hardly seems real at all! This corgi surely can help us to restore some color to our near-blackened hearts, and it looks as though he’s passed the torch to a new partner in this ridiculously cute dog-fish hybrid.

You surely don’t want to miss this! Cuteness overload!

Check out this awesome video and see this adorable Corgi puppy wearing a mermaid tail!admin-ajax


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Watch the video and see this adorable Corgi puppy wearing a mermaid tail!

All pictures courtesy of Screen captures from the Youtube Video

Thank you, Fun World for sharing this awesome video!

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