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(Video) Indeed No One Can Resist A Corgi Belly Rub — Even Runners Trying To Win Race!

Sometimes there’s more to life than winning, most especially when there’s a cute puppy involved. Prepare your hearts to be captured by this adorable Corgi  puppy named Max! Even the people running race can’t resist this little pup’s undeniable charm! Scroll down and check out the video below to see this cutie pie captures everyones heart!

Runners in the Crescent City Classic 10k race in New Orleans, Louisiana, couldn’t resist slowing their pace when they spotted one of the cutest cheerleaders ever on the sidelines.

Colin the adorable puppy’s dad, was there that day to support his friends who were running in the race, and beacause it was a beautiful sunny day he decided to bring along his dog Max.

As you watch the video below you’ll see, Max a Pembroke Welsh corgi who just happens to be flat-out adorable. With his mouse-like ears and big brown eyes, you surely can tell  why it would be hard to just keep running by without stopping for a pet or two.

Plus, if you think Max’s face is cute, check out that furry belly of his! But seriously, doesn’t that belly make you want to stick your hand in there and rub vigorously? He’s just such a cute little chunk of love! Agree?

Check out this awesome video and see as this cutie pie captures everyones heart!



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Watch the video and see as this cutie pie captures everyones heart!

All pictures courtesy of Screen captures from the Facebook Video

Thank you, Vitality by Kristin  for sharing this awesome video!